Engine Room is a go-to post-production visual effects resource for major industry content producers like Warner Bros, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, NBC, CBS, FX and many more. We’ve built a solid reputation for delivering outstanding VFX work at an accelerated pace for 19-years across all media and entertainment outlets.



Global Creative Visual Studio

In the heart of Hollywood, our studio is TPN and Disney/Marvel security approved. Our staff of highly skilled VFX artists, editors and producers seamlessly cover every area of visual effects production. While our talent pool resides mostly in Los Angeles, we have a highly curate network of skilled artists and specialists around the globe.

Engine Room is best known for fast turn-around compositing and our team excels at knowing the latest techniques to find the best solution for each individual challenge. We have collaborated on over one hundred films and several thousand television series episodes. To us every visual effects shot is its own movie.

our Team

our Team


Visual Effects in the Cloud

As an innovative and evolving company, Engine Room has also taken visual effects production to the cloud with our unique e-commerce online portal QuickFX.com. Through QuickFX, production teams can instantly access our industry level VFX capabilities from anywhere at any time. QuickFX aims to simplify visual effects production while providing accelerated turn-around times and globally competitive rates.

Our main goal, and what matters most, is helping our clients realize their creative vision. We invite directors, producers, editors and content makers to share their work with us and allow us to help take their projects to the next level.


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